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Since the day our Scheme was registered in 1974, our members have always come first. We are a closed Scheme dedicated to the employees of Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd and associate companies. Throughout the years we have gone through one name change and several benefit restructures to better meet our member’s needs.

The majority of our members reside in Middelburg\Witbank and because of this, we have been able to provide them with case by case treatment. Our savings are focused on giving our members access to quality healthcare enabling them to take responsibility for their own wellness.

We are a traditional non-profit Scheme with a small savings account where benefits are personalised and administered in-house. We use a world-renowned team to ensure quality cover and partner with selected third parties to ensure delivery of the highest levels of service excellence. Our team is passionate about healthcare.

Managed by a Board of six Trustees, three of whom are appointed by the employer and three who are elected by the members. The Boards’ task is to determine the Rules that govern the Scheme, the benefits and the contributions while ensuring the financial sustainability of the Scheme and equitable access to benefits for all members.


Not only is it our job to provide our members with the best care, at the best rates, but we also provide a web platform for our members to stay educated on their own health. Our members know that when emergency strikes, we are ready to give access to the appropriate medical interventions. We are more than a medical scheme, we are all about getting our members to live their healthiest life possible.


Because we have a handful of members, we are able to better understand their health needs and align our benefits accordingly. We are highly member focused taking each individuals’ health issues to heart. We believe that guiding people to a healthier life is the first step and we do this by providing insightful information on a wide range of health tips on our online portal. We are more than just a medical aid.

Our superior benefit design along with financing promotes health, wellbeing and supports partnerships. Our personal wellness and appropriate care focus consistently assure top medical care at an affordable cost. Some of our difference includes:

Cover anywhere in South Africa

Unlimited hospital benefit

24/7 Medical access

Health and wellness focus

Top chronic options

Rich medicine advantage

Lowest out-of-pocket costs

Custom benefits

We manage benefits through a benefit design and financial limits, reducing the number of benefit access limits (e.g. number of GP visits, the maximum number of painkillers, etc.), co-payments, pre-authorisation, management programmes, exclusions, and directing access to quality care.

Actively engaging with our members to assess risk and empower them to manage and prevent health events that could have a long-term negative effect is vital to our structure. The Know Your Numbers – Know Your Health Risks programme aims at improving the quality of life and reducing the cost of healthcare in the medium term.